synergy® blue

The attractively designed, cost- and energy-efficient elevator for individual dimensions.

This elevator concept, with headroom up to 30% lower and a pit reduced by up to 70%, opens up new possibilities, especially in building structures with limited available space.

Meeting the highest demands in design and technology, synergy® blue unites two apparently opposing worlds – without making any compromises. The result is a new, intelligent generation of elevators with a brand-new design concept that leads to a win-win-win-situation – for the passengers, the building owners and everyone who cares about the environment and design. You don't just cut costs, you also save energy: when the cabin is descending, or the elevator is braking, synergy® blue puts energy back into the system.


Easy integration

  • Ideal for buildings with limited space available
  • Best possible use of space: reduced shaft head (-30%) and pit (-70%)
  • Optimised integration in existing building
  • Architectural freedom
  • Low installation costs

Energy recovery

  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Significantly lower operating costs
  • Energy savings: up to 40% while travelling, up to 86% when not in use
  • Reduced CO2 emission

Power management

  • Standby mode saves up to 86% of costs and energy
  • Longer service life of thanks to low-wear components
  • Reduced CO2 emission
  • Optimised energy balance leads to increased profitability

Detection of cabin's exact position in the shaft

  • Precise floor levelling at every stop
  • Trip hazards are eliminated
  • No recalibration required after a power failure
  • Max. difference between cabin floor and storey: +/- 1 mm


  • Energy recovery based on travel direction, load and braking
  • Software-based solution for highest operating security
  • Increased availability through preventative maintenance

Design Philosophy

  • Broad range of design variants
  • Bi-materials and bi-colours open up over 1000 cabin variations
  • Environmentally-friendly RGB LEDs for appealing lighting design


1Bi-colour effect technology

  • Vast range of colours and materials
  • Modular concept enables maximum customisation
  • Design elements can be quickly and easily exchanged

2Environmental effect technology

  • Cabin version made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Sustainable features such as RGB LEDs, energy recovery and power management as standard

3Light effect technology

  • E.COR enables programmed lighting moods
  • Intensity and colours can be modulated for one-of-a-kind effects
  • Pleasant, relaxing atmosphere: Art Deco-inspired design with Zen elements


  • Particularly bright environment (100 lux at the floor)
  • Bi-colour effect improves visibility of cabin elements
  • Interior corresponds to EN 81-70
  • E.COR enables information output in 50 languages
  • Accurate floor levelling at every stop

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synergy® blue's three flexible design lines

Your elevator should highlight your building. That's why we make sure our elevator systems offer appealing, prestigious aesthetics along with cutting-edge technology.

The one-of-a-kind synergy® blue design concept with its three flexible design lines allows you to adapt your elevator to your creative vision. The sky's the limit.

The STYLE Selection adapts to your design ideas and complements your building’s style. With the many material and colour variants, including bi-colour and bi-material effects, you can create unique interiors to suit every architectural setting. From dramatic black-and-white contrasts to subtle earthy tones – let your creativity unfold.

La ligne STYLE s’adapte parfaitement à vos préférences et au caractère de votre immeuble. Jouant la carte des duos de coloris et de matières, elle autorise de nombreuses configurations qui se prêtent à tous les environnements et à tous les styles architecturaux. Des contrastes extrêmes de noir et de blanc jusqu’aux ambiances « bord de mer », vous pourrez exprimer votre créativité en toute liberté.

The CHIC Selection starts with modern materials and adds a breathtaking mix of elegant colour and lighting effects. Indirect LED lighting in the ceiling and skirting, and around the operating panel, creates a pleasant feeling and shows choice materials – such as carbon look and different wood finishes – in the best possible light. The result is harmonious and appealing, down to the smallest detail.

The ELEGANT Selection is a byword for prestige. It features fascinating forms, subtle lighting effects and unusually fine materials like top-class metals and select woods. The alluring blend of colours, lighting and materials creates a particularly exclusive ambiance. In short: a feeling of pure luxury. Take your elevator to the NEXT LEVEL of style.


synergy® blue stands for optimised energy consumption, reduced heat and CO2 emission, reduced operating costs, low-wear components and the intelligent E.COR controller.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Durable, future-proof components
  • Reliable, high-performance systems requiring little maintenance
  • Intelligent technologies that meet both economical and ecological demands
  • Flexible designs that help save space
  • Elevator technology from thyssenkrupp Aufzüge: outstanding on all levels